Barry Baldwin - Award-Winning Transit Worker in New York City

Barry Baldwin - Longtime Bus Operator in New York City

A retired transit worker based in New York, Barry Baldwin attended Mims High School in South Carolina, where he served as a member of the school’s football team and band. After graduating, he moved to New York and accepted a position in the sales and direct marketing department of Chase Manhattan Bank. As an insert machine operator, Barry Baldwin prepared direct mailers for distribution to new, established, and prospective banking clients.

After serving in similar positions with the direct marketing departments of Bradford Securities and Time Direct Service, Baldwin joined the NYC Transit Authority as a bus operator. Over the next two-and-a-half decades, he dedicated himself to transporting commuters across the city in a safe and timely manner. An award-winning driver, he received numerous honors throughout his career, including several safety certificates from the NYC Transit Authority and a certificate recognizing his service to customers with disabilities.

During his free time, he stays healthy through a fitness regimen that includes weight training, cycling, and walking an average of 20 miles each month. He also enjoys blues, jazz, R&B, and pop music.